Getting dependable services for your courthouse and document needs was once a problem. If you live in the San Antonio area, then you have access to one of the best companies around. Dependable Express offers several different services, including medical delivery, legal delivery, courier services and shredding services. No matter what type of document services you need, you can get those needs met from our company.

When you need legal documents served to an individual, you need the right person for the job. Process servers in San Antonio are responsible individuals that carry the documents to the individual and ensure that they receive those documents. You might need to serve paperwork because you want someone to act as a witness in a court case, or you might need to serve paperwork because of a legal issue. For example, if you file for divorce or another legal issue the process server takes those documents to the person. With A+ rated process servers, you will always know that the right person received the right paperwork to move forward with your legal issue.

A San Antonio TX courier can also transport documents for other reasons. You might need to have documents sent from your office to another branch across town, or get paperwork to a client quickly. Email is not always safe, but working with a qualified courier is safe. The courier offers secure transportation of any documents and documents of any size. Our workers can even transport the documents to other places, including the courthouse. When you need courthouse filings done, use the right type of worker for the job. You can even use the couriers to get the proper signatures from your lawyer, clients or co-workers. The courier visits each location as needed, gets the signatures or information and drops the paperwork off at the courthouse.

Dependable Express offers the kind of services that you cannot get from any other company in the San Antonio area. Our company even acts as a mobile notary. Some documents require the signature of a notary that witnesses the transaction. You cannot always take time out of your busy schedule to visit a bank or track down a notary. Our company sends the notary to the location of your choosing, making it easy to get the notarization that you need. Whether you need a notary, document shredding, courier service or any of the other services offered, contact us at 210-877-6161 and schedule an appointment today.