Round-the-Clock Medical Delivery Service in San Antonio

Fragile DeliveryThe lives of patients are affected by the delivery of medical supplies to the healthcare industry. Dependable Express, a San Antonio delivery company, specializes in making reliable deliveries to all medical facilities, including hospitals, medical and dental clinics, nursing homes and hospice care facilities, as well as labs and pharmaceutical companies. You can depend on medical couriers who are current in all training areas related to the delivery of healthcare materials.

Every minute counts when lives are at stake, and we are dedicated to providing the most capable and responsive service to give your medical professionals the support they need. Our commitment to excellence is based on our ability to comply with all requirements established by HIPAA, OSHA, Hazmat, and the Blood-Borne Pathogens Program. We are fully prepared to comply with the additional requirements of your medical facility as well.

Our response to your requests for deliveries is available around the clock every day of the week on a priority level that you choose: emergency, STAT, or regular service. Our couriers are fully trained in handling of all types of medical supplies, including tissue, cold storage specimens, pharmaceuticals, and many more.

Outsourcing your transportation and logistical requirements can save your facility funds that are badly needed in other areas. We understand that budget cuts emphasize the need to make the best use of every dollar in your budget. We help reduce costs with our scheduled delivery service that takes the burden of worrying about logistical matters off your shoulders so you can focus on caring for your patients. We are prepared to manage all of your logistical requirements economically and efficiently.

Same day deliveries that take only hours or less are performed by our courier service in a professional manner by drivers who earn and deserve your trust. We help you reduce costs and focus on goals that are the most important to you. Call Dependable Express at 1-800-349-9161 to set up a medical delivery schedule for your facility.