San Antonio Cross Docking Can Streamline Your Shipping Process

By December 16, 2014Cross Docking

For corporations, manufacturers or retail chains with multiple stores and locations (as well as customers across the globe), shipping can be an extreme hassle. For most retail chains, products come in from separate vendors, then have to be organized, repacked and sent out different locations throughout the country. Businesses and manufacturers, on the other hand, are stuck trying to meet truckload minimums or waiting for multiple shipments to arrive just to put together a single product. In the end, it means a logistical nightmare that costs companies unnecessary money, resources and time.

Fortunately, our San Antonio cross docking services can make this process infinitely easier. Cross docking makes shipping more efficient and cost-effective across the board by cutting out the middleman. Here’s how it works:

  • Shipments from different vendors or carriers are received at our warehouse.
  • If you need products sent to different locations, our team sorts through these shipments, packs up pallets or boxes for each, and sends these out to their final destinations on our next available route.
  • If you need a single product built, we’ll receive the individual parts from each vendor, repackage them together, and send them off for distribution.
  • We can even receive products and complete customer orders right on the receiving dock. This is ideal for perishable orders, as it requires no warehousing or storage. It also cuts down on your labor costs, speeds up shipping times and improves customer satisfaction to boot.

Our San Antonio cross docking services are ideal for promo items, perishable foods, products in high-demand, inventory for retail stores and more. Additionally, if you send products to a distributor that has certain shipping and sizing requirements, like Amazon, we can also receive and repackage those items per the distributor’s specifications.

Are you tired of the hassle and headache of shipping? Then consider our San Antonio cross docking services. We’ll help you run a more efficient, cost-effective and successful business in the long run. Call us today to get started.