San Antonio Warehousing: 7 Reasons to Use a Third Party Provider

By May 23, 2016Warehousing

If you’re considering Dependable Express for your San Antonio warehousing needs, you’re on the right track.  Using a third-party provider for warehousing and/or distribution has many benefits for you and your customers.


  1. You deal with local experts. Texas businesses that utilize Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, or San Antonio warehousing services will be working with professionals who know the state of Texas like the back of their hand.  This includes knowing the best routes to use (or avoid) at a particular time of day.  Service providers who specialize in warehousing will have the experience needed to provide top-notch service with a local edge.
  2. Renting a small portion of a warehouse has clear cost benefits over maintaining your own facility—resulting in dramatically reduced overhead.
  3. Cross-docking is a service where goods are loaded onto outgoing vehicles immediately upon arrival at the warehousing facility. This means fewer items in storage, which saves you money.  It also can reduce delivery times dramatically.  Your clients will love that!
  4. Bonus services. Many Austin or San Antonio warehousing services offer extras like pick-and-pack and other order fulfillment services.  This may mean fewer employees for you to seek out, hire, and train.  That can add up to huge savings.
  5. Optimization without investment. Because you’re not handling your own warehousing, you don’t need to focus on improvements to that process.  Any third-party providers that want to keep your business will always be looking for ways to improve the warehousing and distribution process.
  6. A third-party warehousing provider can offer a far greater variety of available hours and services than most retail businesses.  They can also take advantage of bulk discounts on freight or space that individual businesses cannot.
  7. Low risk. When you use a third party Austin or San Antonio warehousing service, you are trusting them to handle your items with care and professionalism.  This frees you up to focus on all the other aspects of running your business.

How much money and time can you save by utilizing third party warehousing?  The short answer is: a lot.  Call Dependable Express today at 1-800-349-9161 to get started.