Is it really possible to save money paying for cartage services? Believe it or not, yes! The term “cartage services” refers to paying a small fee to have items delivered relatively short distances. This usually involves small to medium deliveries of less than a truckload. Depending on your delivery needs, there may be a few situations in which paying drayage or cartage fees is not in your best interest. But in many cases, paying a reasonable cartage rate can save money and mitigate the risks you undertake when moving items yourself.

How can cartage services save you money over a do-it-yourself delivery?

  • Renting a truck is expensive. This is even more true when you don’t have an entire truckload to move. Using cartage services here is a financially sound decision.
  • In addition to rental fees, there’s gas, mileage, and insurance to consider. These can add up fast.
  • You need a professional driver who is familiar both with the area and with traffic patterns. Avoiding traffic is key to a timely delivery. Ideally, this person will be bonded and insured. Accidents sometimes happen and can be surprisingly costly.
  • If the items being delivered are heavy, awkward, or require special care, you’ll need people who know all the details and can carry them out perfectly. After all, they represent you and your company.
  • Logistics management is a vital part of getting goods where they need to be. If you need deliveries to connect with other trucks, shipping docks, or flights, trusting a logistics professional saves you money and time even before fees for cartage services.

You accomplish so many tasks to ensure your business runs well. Delegating deliveries to experienced logistics professionals is smart, since it frees you to complete the tasks only you can manage. Dependable Express has been trusted for years to handle logistics and deliveries for satisfied clients all over the state. To learn more about available cartage services, contact the professionals at Dependable Express: 800-349-9161.