Save Time and Hassle With a Corporate Courier

How often do you need to make deliveries but can’t possibly get away from the office? Have you ever had a client emergency arise during your workday, but no time to take care of it promptly? Are deadlines looming even though you need to get a set of contracts across town? These are all situations that can be remedied by hiring a corporate courier. Professional corporate couriers are trained in getting sensitive documents where they need to be, which frees you up for other tasks. Why wait days for postal mail when you can hire a professional for a wide range of same-day delivery options?

Corporate couriers save you money and time by making pickups and deliveries to clients, to in-state businesses, and even to the courthouse. The best delivery companies will offer multiple options and a flexible pricing structure depending on how fast you need your items delivered. Deliveries before 5 p.m., or even within an hour, can all be scheduled for locations within the state of Texas. Air cargo services can also deliver larger shipments to wherever you need them to go. In addition, corporate couriers can offer mobile notary services to speed things up even more. The best couriers should provide GPS tracking and online check-ins so you know exactly where your delivery is and when it will arrive.

Before you hire a courier service, ensure that the drivers are licensed, bonded, and insured. This not only provides your clients with top-of-the-line service, but it provides you with peace of mind. Rather than asking if you can afford professional courier services, ask yourself if you can afford not to. You see, if the old adage is true and time really is money, then the speedy results you get from hiring a corporate courier like Dependable Express can truly help your bottom line. Satisfied clients will remember that you went the extra mile to get contracts, court filings, and other important documents to their intended recipients quickly.