Secure Document Shredding from Your San Antonio TX Shredding Service

With cases of identity theft on the rise, secure document shredding in San Antonio is a must for anyone who wants to prevent identity theft. Individuals, families and businesses all need to safeguard their confidential information by regularly shredding sensitive documents. We at Dependable Express are the document shredding experts in the San Antonio metropolitan area. Whether you have one box or an entire truckload of confidential documents, San Antonio document shredding experts at Dependable Express are at your service for secure document shredding.

There are many types of documents that should be shredded to protect your identity and your business accounts. These include receipts, bank statements, credit card statements, pay stubs, tax forms, medical information and other documents that contain your social security number, driver’s license number and tax identification number. At Dependable Express, we are your complete San Antonio TX document shredding service. Our company offers personal and commercial document destruction, on demand shredding at your request and monthly routine shredding services at your location.

We provide your business with a free locked collection container to hold your confidential information securely until your scheduled shredding day. With our commercial grade cross cut shredders, you can rest assured that your documents have been destroyed and are unusable to identity thieves. We provide proof of certified destruction of documents for your records.

For your added convenience, our Dependable Express employees will provide secure transportation of your personal or business documents. If you prefer to have us shred your documents at our location, our employees will schedule a pick up of your confidential documents. Your documents will be transported in our locked, GPS tracked vehicles to our secure location where they will be destroyed.

When you need a dependable, trustworthy and experienced document shredding and delivery service, we at Dependable Express look forward to assisting you with your shredding needs. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind knowing that no thief will steal your personal or business information.

Your complete satisfaction is our top priority, and we at Dependable Express are always here for your individual or business document shredding needs. Call us at 210-877-6161 for a free quote and to schedule your first document shredding service appointment today.