See How Easy It Can Be to Outsource Delivery

By February 29, 2016Document Delivery

If you find yourself asking, “Why would I want to outsource delivery?” you may be asking the wrong question. For many savvy business owners, the better question is, “Why wouldn’t I outsource deliveries?” Trusting a professional courier service to get inventory, contracts, equipment, or sensitive documents from one place to another can save more than money and time (though those are important too!). The right courier service can help you meet the growing and changing expectations of your customers—at prices that keep you competitive.

But how do you know which delivery service is right for your company? Before you outsource delivery to a courier service, consider the following:

  • If a courier service isn’t open when you want them to be, or has rigid windows for scheduling deliveries, you’ll want to look elsewhere. The delivery company you choose should be open 24/7—even on holidays. There should also be multiple options for same day deliveries and scheduling deliveries in advance.
  • You should never feel like you have to check up on the company you hire to outsource delivery. That said, GPS tracking and online status reports should be available, just to put your mind at ease or to reassure customers that all is well.
  • Customer Service. Drivers and other personnel should be knowledgeable, courteous, and professional at all times. Whenever you outsource delivery, you should be confident that the couriers are representing your company as professionally as you would.
  • Billing Options. Should the need arise, you’ll want to have tech in place to invoice your customers for their deliveries. The best companies will offer you the option to change the timing or frequency of your billing cycles—making billing more convenient for everyone.

The decision to outsource delivery should not be taken lightly. But the right company can serve as a valued ally in helping your business run more efficiently and for less money, all while providing top-notch customer care. That’s a win for everybody! For more information, please contact Dependable Express.