Shipping from San Antonio to Austin? Our Van Delivery Service Can Help

For inner-city deliveries, a simple courier or bike courier service can be a great choice. But what about when you need to send your shipments a little further? Say, across the state or to another nearby major city? Simple, easy and fast, a van delivery service can be the perfect option for statewide deliveries, as it can:

  • Save you cash – With a van delivery service, you’re able to share transport space with other San Antonio-to-Austin shipments, meaning you cut your costs significantly. There is no costly overhead for shipping one item at a time, and your courier saves money, too. They have to pay fewer drivers, cover fewer fuel charges and can operate a more efficient operation. Those savings are passed onto you and other customers as a result!
  • Guarantee on-time delivery – Most van delivery services operate on pre-scheduled routes, so there’s a set schedule in place that you can count on day in and day out. That means you never have to worry about deliveries getting lost, coming in late or ending up at the wrong location.
  • Give you updated tracking on your shipments – With our van deliveries, you get up-to-date GPS tracking on all of your shipments.

Do you need to send shipments from San Antonio to Austin, or vice versa? Then our van delivery service can help. Fast, affordable and reliable, Dependable Express van deliveries can get your shipments from point A to point B in a flash. Contact us today to learn more.