Should You Use Freight Warehouse Services or Buy Your Own Warehouse?

By August 1, 2016Warehousing

Successful business owners know that owning and managing your own warehouse carries with it a host of expenses. There’s the property and warehouse itself, which must be heated or cooled as weather demands. There’s lighting, security, and staffing—staffing also requires recruitment, hiring, training, retention, and more. Then there are other expenses like heavy equipment, jacks, pallets, covers and pads to keep merchandise safe and protected before shipment. With all that in mind, savvy business owners should consider looking into cost-cutting solutions. One of these might be to switch to a freight warehouse service that allows you to rent space rather than shouldering the whole expense of warehousing yourself.

The best freight warehouse services offer you a variety of options to meet your needs. Short term and long term storage can save you money over maintaining your own warehouse. There’s no reason to pay for space you aren’t using. Freight warehouse space can also be utilized for cross-docking, which can save you and your customers both money and time. The freight warehouse specialists you choose should offer modern technology that lets you check in on your shipments any time of the day or night. After all, your responsibility to your customers doesn’t end at 5pm.

Utilizing a freight warehouse means you no longer have to keep or maintain a private facility. It also relieves you of the responsibility to hire and train staff. The freight warehouse company will already have experienced specialists on hand to make sure your inventory is handled in a safe and professional manner. Choose a service that guarantees on-time delivery and prices that fit your budget. They should offer alerts via email or text so you’ll know when your items have reached their destination safely. Finding a great freight warehouse service gives you one less thing to worry about, and lets you focus on other aspects of your business. Save yourself money, time, and headache with an exceptional freight warehouse service like Dependable Express.