The Importance of Safety in Medical Delivery Services

Medical delivery can’t be handled like most shipments – that is, boxed up and sent off with the mailman. Safety is of the highest importance. Specimens must be carefully contained, transported and cared for during the shipment process, otherwise they could pose a serious threat to the patient, those handling the specimens and, perhaps most importantly, the public at large.

Are you in need of medical delivery at your company? Here are just a few reasons why safety is so important:

  • Patient privacy – If specimens aren’t transported safely and securely, private patient information and health details could be at risk. All it takes is for the specimen to fall into the wrong hands, and a patient could find their most personal secrets revealed to the world.
  • Biohazardous waste – Most medical specimens are considered a biohazard, meaning they pose a threat to those who come in contact with them. Should the specimen be exposed to others, it could cause disease, sickness, infection and a number of other health problems
  • Contamination – Proper care and handling is extremely important with medical delivery. If specimens aren’t handled correctly, they could leak or spill onto the truck, cargo hold, container or even the people handling it. This could contaminate anything (and anyone) in the near vicinity.
  • Preservation of the specimen – Medical specimens need to be kept at certain temperatures and in specific containers in order to be preserved during shipment. If this isn’t done, it could jeopardize the specimen itself, as well as any tests that need to be performed.

If your company is in need of medical delivery, don’t trust just any freight service. Come to Dependable Express. We know how to keep your medical specimens safe and secure every step of the way. Call us now to learn more.