Troubleshoot Shipping Issues with Cross-Docking Services

By May 5, 2014Logistics

If your shipments don’t meet the proper requirements, you’re not able to offer the shipping timelines your customers want, or you simply can’t handle the costs or hassle of shipping and distributing your increasing orders, then cross-docking services may be the perfect solution. Cross-docking services take the load of shipping off your shoulders and put it in the hands of experienced, trustworthy professionals.

Here are just a few ways cross-docking services can benefit your company:

  1. Ensure your shipments meet all the applicable requirements and regulations. Many companies (especially online retailers like Amazon) require merchants to adhere to very strict packaging and sizing guidelines when shipping products to their warehouses for distribution. If you don’t meet these guidelines, your products will get sent back, and your customer’s shipment will ultimately be delayed. With cross-docking services, however, you can ship your products to a trusted shipping facility, and they’ll repackage your load so that it meets all applicable guidelines and regulations. Then, they’ll send it to your desired location, or even to your customer’s front door.
  2. Help you cut costs. If you’re shipping out hundreds of small loads a day and footing the entire bill yourself, you’re not shipping as cost-effectively as you could be. Cross-docking services, on the other hand, allow you to make the most of your budget. Cross-docking facilities bundle shipments from multiple companies into one large load, allowing customers to split shipping costs with other retailers and cut down on their overall spend.
  3. Help reduce shipping time. Cross-docking services allow your shipments to be staged, packaged and shipped out almost immediately, so there’s no need for costly warehousing or storage. This also greatly improves your shipment and delivery times, getting your products to customers’ doors in just a few days or less.

If you’ve had problems adhering to shipping or packaging requirements, or you simply want to cut costs or delivery time on your company’s shipments, then it may be time to consider cross-docking services. Contact Dependable Express today to learn more!