You Can Trust a Dependable Express Medical Courier

For those in need of regular medical supply delivery, the right delivery service can be crucial to maintaining the quality of daily life. Dependable Express is just such a company. Offering fast and efficient service to all customers, you can rest assured that your necessary medical supplies will be delivered on time by a trustworthy medical courier and with the utmost care.

Only the Professionals Will Do

It’s important to have a San Antonio delivery service that is well-versed in medical supply delivery. This includes training in proper care and storage of supplies, as well as being certified and trained to handle specific deliveries. When transporting things like human tissue and specimens, it’s vastly important that all necessary regulations are followed to the letter. This can prevent problems with the delivery, as well as ensuring a timely and efficient arrival of medical supplies.

Couriers That Care

Our staff has extensive experience in the field of medical supply delivery. This includes a variety of life saving items such as the following:

  • X-Rays
  • Medications
  • Medical Devices
  • Lab Specimens
  • Test Results
  • Dental Apparatus

Depending on what is being transported, it’s extremely important that a medical courier follow all rules and regulations relating to the medical delivery. Our couriers have the experience that it takes to makes a successful delivery, along with the know-how to ensure your package arrives intact.

Dependable Express features a top-notch staff of couriers who get the job done. For more information, please contact us at 210-877-6161.