Two Ways to Increase Delivery Safety

DeliveryWhen you send items through a courier service, you are trusting that your package will arrive at its destination in perfect condition. The safety of delivered items is one of our top priorities; this is why so many clients have trusted Dependable Express for their most sensitive delivery needs. Though we work hard every day to make sure that your important documents and parcels reach their destination in the same condition that you sent them, there are a couple things that you can do to help us provide you with better service.

1.   Select Appropriate Packaging Materials

An item’s outer covering is its first defense against the world. Corrugated cardboard is universally valued for its exceptional strength and durability. If you opt to send a parcel packaged in lightweight paperboard, you get none of the benefits of a corrugated carton. Similarly, opt to slip documents into a rigid paperboard mailer or reinforced document envelope instead of an envelope made from a single layer of paper.

2.   Double-Check Your Labels

Labeling errors are one of the most common causes of delivery problems. Switching around the numbers of a ZIP code can result in a parcel getting seriously lost. Take just a few seconds to verify:

  • The spelling of the recipient’s name
  • That designations like Street, Avenue or Drive are correct
  • The correct ZIP code
  • A legible return address is present

Dependable Express is proud to be the preferred San Antonio business delivery company for all kinds of materials. To find out more about our delivery services, just contact us at 210-877-6161.