Which Type of Freight Transportation Should You Use?

Freight transportation can vary greatly. Depending on what you’re shipping, how much of it you’re shipping, and when it needs to be delivered by, there are a number of transport options you can choose.

Want to know which one is right for your next shipment? Here are the main types of freight transportation you should know:

  • Less than a truckload, or LTL – This is the most common type of freight transport. It basically means you only need a small amount of space on a truck, and the rest of the room can be used by other customers and shipments. This is generally the most affordable kind of freight, and it takes a few days to deliver (mostly because the transportation company needs to wait until there are enough shipments to fill the truck.)
  • Partial truckload – This is for slightly larger shipments, ones that usually take up a quarter to a half of one truck. The truck is partitioned off, and your shipment shares the cargo area with one or two other shipments. These can usually go out pretty quickly, and may even qualify for same day delivery.
  • Truckload – When you have a large amount of freight (usually more than 8,000 pounds), you will typically have what’s called a truckload. This means you get a dedicated truck all your own, and it often results in a faster, more direct delivery. Sometimes, clients looking for quick shipments will use this route, even though they may not have a huge load.

Air freight and expedited services are also options, and depending on your shipments, you can opt for blanket wraps, pallets, shipping pads and more to protect your deliveries. To learn more about the freight transportation options you can consider, contact Dependable Express today. We’re here to help.