How to Use a Pallet Courier to Save Money

Are you considering switching to a pallet courier for delivery of inventory? If you routinely need to transport huge items, that’s a great idea! Pallet deliveries are a safe and cost-effective way to move large, heavy, or cumbersome items from one place to another. A pallet courier will often carry pallets from several outlets at once, thus creating a full truckload that saves on fuel costs for everyone.

The “pallet” itself is a flat structure, usually made of wood, on which items are stacked. The items are then held in place with straps and/or plastic wrap. This keeps items from moving or coming apart during transport. It can also prevent damage, loss, or breakage. Pallets are easily moved with a forklift or pallet jack.

Using a pallet courier is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to transport goods. And if you know how to pack your pallet properly, so much the better. There are a few things to keep in mind when setting up a pallet of goods for shipment:

  • Gather all the items that will go on the pallet before you begin stacking.
  • Place heavier and more durable items on the bottom.
  • More delicate items should go near the top. Keep in mind, though, that pallet shipping may not be suitable for some types of materials.
  • Pallet couriers need items to be securely packaged and properly stacked. Odd or unusually shaped items should be placed in boxes that allow them to be stacked with the rest of the pallet.
  • Never skimp on the plastic. This is the main part of keeping pallet items together and safe. Wrap multiple times in different directions, and be sure items don’t shift at all when you’re finished.

If this already seems like more work than you want to do, don’t despair. The pallet courier company you use can explain the best ways to prepare your goods for pallet shipping. Better still, they may even do it for you for a small fee. For details and rates for pallet shipping, contact the professionals at Dependable Express: 800-349-9161.

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