What Are Transloading Services and How to Benefit

Not familiar with transloading services or why you might need them? Transloading is one of a number of services that logistics professionals use to help items reach their destinations in the timeliest way possible. Transloading services often refer to pulling items from an inbound shipment and transferring them to another vehicle, plane, ship, or other traveling mechanism so they can be sent to their destination without spending time in a warehouse.

If that sounds similar to cross-docking to you, you’re right. It is! Cross-docking and transloading services are both excellent to employ when a speedy arrival of goods is your goal.

Transloading services also save on costs since no warehousing or storage fees are involved. Ideally, the company you contract to handle your cross-docking and transloading services should also offer freight and logistics. This lets the company handle the finer points while you reap the benefits of satisfied customers and repeat business.

Sounds great, right? So what kinds of products do well with the use of transloading services? Consider the following:

  • Products in consistently high demand. Why incur warehousing charges for items when you know your customers will keep them flying off the shelves?
  • Items that are already packaged and tagged or bar-coded for retail stores.
  • Items that are perishable and benefit from reaching their destination as quickly as possible.
  • Promotional or seasonal items that are time-sensitive.
  • Any products that do not require quality-control inspections before reaching their destinations.

Cross-docking and transloading services are being used more widely by retailers and wholesalers every year. The reasons for this are simple: Wholesalers save on warehousing costs and staff while reducing the need for unpacking and storage. Retailers know that the inventory will arrive on time and without worry. This all adds up to repeat business and satisfied customers and clients all around.

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