What Certifications Should Your Medical Delivery Service Have?

By December 21, 2015Medical Courier

When it comes to medical delivery service, a regular courier or shipping provider won’t do – at least not if you want it done right. Medical deliveries require a specially trained professional – one who knows how medical samples, tests and other materials must be handled and transported.

If you choose a carrier who’s not properly trained to handle these deliveries, it puts the patient (and their sensitive medical information) in danger. It can also hurt your reputation and, in some cases, make you liable for a lawsuit.

If none of those options sounds appealing, it’s time to find a medical delivery service that has the training and knowledge needed to get the job done right. Here’s what certifications you should look for:

  • HIPAA – HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, dictates how healthcare-related information can be transmitted or transferred, and it’s designed to protect patient privacy. It’s crucial that medical delivery carriers be properly trained in the ways of HIPAA, so as not to endanger the patient or risk incompliance.
  • HAZMAT – Many medical samples are biohazards, and may pose a threat to anyone or anything that comes in contact with them. In order to ensure these materials are handled properly and safely, medical carriers need to undergo HAZMAT training. Without it, your deliveries could be mishandled or, worse yet, put the public in danger.
  • Blood-borne pathogen training – Blood-borne pathogen training is crucial for anyone who is going to handle blood or tissue samples. It teaches carriers, as well as nurses, EMS techs and other medical professionals, how to minimize exposure to these materials, both to themselves and those around them.

At Dependable Express, we’re HIPAA, HAZMAT and blood-borne pathogen-trained, and we comply with all OSHA regulations. If you’re in need of medical delivery service, we can help – and do so in a safe, hazard-free way that protects both you and your patients. Contact us today to learn more.