What Documents Should I Shred?

With the proliferation of identity theft, as well as new regulations regarding privacy, we at Dependable Express know how difficult it can be to know which documents need to be shredded and how time-consuming document shredding can be. However, any document containing sensitive information should be shredded.

Shredded Document

Sensitive information can include, but is not limited to:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone
  • Email address
  • Medical and/or dental records
  • Receipts containing credit card numbers
  • Social Security number or taxpayer identification number
  • Date and place of birth
  • Account numbers
  • Bank and credit card statements
  • Passwords and personal identification numbers or PINs
  • Expired or cancelled credit cards
  • Credit card offers
  • Income tax returns

All of these items and more are considered sensitive and could potentially be used for identity theft.

The Importance of Office Shredding

All home offices should be equipped with a cross-cut shredder; strip shredders are significantly less effective at destroying sensitive information. When a shredder won’t cut through plastic, destroy any old, expired, or cancelled credit cards by cutting them into pieces, making sure to cut through the number horizontally and ensuring that the CVV code, the three-digit code on the back, is also destroyed.

It’s particularly important to cross-cut shred credit card offers that are received in the mail and not just toss them into the trash. An identity thief can use a credit card offer to fraudulently obtain an account and amass considerable debt for which you may be liable.

Outsourcing Your Document Shredding

For homes or businesses that have significant amounts of sensitive documents to shred, it can be more cost-effective to outsource the service to a local company. Some types of sensitive information require special handling, such as medical information shredding, so it’s important to hire a company that is proficient and knowledgeable in these areas.

Dependable Express is your local San Antonio shredding services provider. With 24/7 service, affordable rates, and an on-time guarantee, we securely shred and bundle sensitive documents and transport them via a GPS vehicle to a destruction facility. This ensures that all of your sensitive documents are completely destroyed—you will even be provided with a certificate of destruction.

Call us at 1-888-392-0722 for fast and reliable shredding services, either on a one-time or regular basis.