What Goes into Your Corporate Courier Quote

By April 13, 2015Courier Service

There are dozens of reasons you might need a corporate courier: to send contracts to a new client, to deliver goods between store locations, or to make sure sensitive documents are kept secure and safe while in transit.

These reasons will not only determine what type of corporate courier you will need, but they will also play into the overall cost of your delivery. Want to know what to expect for your courier’s costs? Consider these factors:

  • Type of courier service needed – Courier services come in all shapes and sizes. There are bike couriers, van couriers and even courier services by air. Each of these comes with a unique price point.
  • Distance traveling – Are you delivering something right down the street, or do you need it go across the state or even the country? In general, the farther your courier needs to travel, the more you can expect to pay.
  • Specialty requirements – If anything you’re shipping requires specialty care – like medical specimens or legal documents – then you’ll have to pay a premium to ensure they’re handled properly. These types of jobs usually require specially trained couriers who, naturally, cost a little more than a traditional courier.
  • Timeframe – When do you need the delivery made? Later today? Sometime next week? The quicker the turnaround required, the higher the price you can expect to pay.
  • City vs. rural delivery – Is your delivery going to a city location or somewhere more rural? City destinations are typically easier to locate and reach, but traffic may pose an issue for couriers. In rural areas, many destinations are unlabeled or even unreachable, and deliveries often must be made through the local postal service to ensure safe arrival. Because of these key differences, rural and city courier services typically come with different price points.
  • Weight and size – Finally, the weight and size of your delivery will play into your cost. While a light, standard-size box or document folder will cost a minimum, something oddly shaped, bulky or heavy will cost a bit more.

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