What to Look For in a Distribution Warehouse

The terms “warehouse” and “distribution center” are often used interchangeably—even by industry professionals. Does that mean that these two terms are without difference? No, not really. There is, however, a lot of overlap. It might make more sense to refer to what most businesses use as a distribution warehouse.

Chances are you’re looking for a service that does it all. A warehouse, as you know, is a place where inventory or other items are stored until they need to be sent to their next destination. This could be a showroom, a retail store, a supplier, or the facility where the items will be used. Generally speaking, warehouses deal with retailers or wholesalers, but do not serve the public.

A distribution center does everything a warehouse does—and much more. Distribution may involve separating or assembling items, packing and shipping them, or breaking up bulk shipments into smaller shipments for multiple locations. In fact, a company with a distribution warehouse may handle some shipments without any warehousing at all. That’s because cross-docking or transloading can save money, staff, and time while getting inventory to its destination even faster. A distribution warehouse may serve the public as well as businesses, retailers, or wholesalers.

If you’re planning to contract a distribution warehouse to help with logistics, here are a few features you should seek:

  • Flexibility. Ensure that you’re only charged for the space and services you’ll actually use. Cross-docking services can save you big on warehousing costs.
  • Coverage. You don’t want to be on the very outskirts of the delivery area of the company you hire. Get a good idea of their areas of coverage before you sign.
  • Services. Look carefully at each aspect of service so you know you’ll be saving money while still providing excellent service to your customers.
  • Reviews. It’s true that in some cases, clients are more likely to leave negative reviews than positive. But reading reviews of any distribution warehouse you’re considering is a vital step. Many sites also let you ask follow-up questions.

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