What’s Included in Warehousing Services?

By December 7, 2015Warehousing

Some people may think of warehousing as simply storing your inventory off-site, while you await orders and purchases to come through. Though that’s certainly a part of the process, there are dozens of other warehousing services that do so much more. They can add value to your bottom line, improve your shipping speed and customer service, and even cut down your overall operational and inventory costs.

Think warehousing is just a way to store your goods? Think again. Here’s what warehousing services can really do for you:

  • Pick and pack your orders – With warehousing, you don’t just get a storage space; you also get a team of employees ready to pull, pick and pack your orders right as they come in. This speeds up your shipping time and helps you cut down on internal staffing costs.
  • Cross-docking and co-packing – Have products or pieces come in from different locations? Sell perishable goods that need to be moved off the pallet and onto the next truck ASAP? Warehouse cross-docking and co-packing services can help.
  • Quality control – Want to make sure your orders go out seamlessly and error-free? Warehousing offers you access to quality control experts, too. They’ll check your shipments for problems and damage, and will make sure your customers only get the best in service.
  • White glove treatment – If you have products that require a little extra care or handling, a warehouse can offer you top-of-the-line white glove services, too. With these, your shipments will get the five-star treatment from the minute they show up at the warehouse to the moment they arrive in your customers’ hands.

Warehousing services can be customized to be as comprehensive as your company needs. Whether you just want a place to store your inventory or you need help sorting, distribution, co-packing or shipping out orders, Dependable Express is here to guide the way. Contact us today to learn more.