When to Use a Notary

By April 29, 2013Notary

Notary Public StampA notary public is a person licensed by the state to be a legal witness when a person signs a document. Notaries also attest to the authenticity of documents. Each has their own notary stamp that bears their name, the state of their licensure, and the expiration date of their license. At Dependable Express, we offer mobile notary services for all types of occasions.

Loan Signings

When making an interpersonal loan, the services of our mobile notaries will provide the documentation needed for the loan materials and agreement. The seal of the notary will ensure that your personal loan is legally binding.

Sale of Personal Property

If you are selling a significant asset, such as a suite of furniture, a used car, or another valuable, our notary will come to your location to verify the transfer of property.

Real Estate Purchase

If purchasing real estate for sale by owner rather than through an agency, a notary will verify that the title transfer and purchase process is legally binding.

Legal Powers

When writing a will or declaring power of attorney, the witnessing performed by a notary is required to ensure the process is legal and binding.

Benefits of Using a Mobile Notary

When our notary comes to you, you can carry out your transaction at any time that is convenient to you and the other individual or individuals with whom you are doing business. Not all businesses employ their own notary, which is why our mobile notaries are such a convenient and cost-effective option. Instead of everyone traveling to the office where a notary is located, our notary arrives at whatever location you desire at the appointment time you prefer.

At Dependable Express, our notaries offer a level of convenience that is second to none. Our San Antonio couriers are fully licensed and experienced in notarizing and delivering documents throughout the metropolitan area. For more information about our mobile notaries and other services, call us at at 1-888-392-0722.