Why Insurance and Bonding is Crucial in a Corporate Courier

By September 8, 2015Courier Service

When considering a corporate courier, one of the most important features you should look at is their insurance and bonding. How much protection does the company offer if a package is lost or damaged? What if it is stolen or tampered with along the way? Would they replace those deliveries free of charge, or might you be out hundreds, even thousands of dollars?

If your corporate courier will be handling anything of importance, these are vital questions to ask before moving forward. After all, the proper amount of insurance and bonding:

  • Protects you – Safeguard your deliveries, shipments and packages every step of the way. If they are lost, broken, stolen or otherwise negatively impacted by the courier, insurance will cover the costs to replace it or reimburse you.
  • Protects your clients and business partners – If the courier will be transporting deliveries to and from your clients, business partners or potential investors, you want them to be protected too. If their packages are lost or damaged, that could be bad for business. In fact, it could even lose you a long-time customer or client.
  • Safeguards your reputation – No one wants to be known as the company that loses important deliveries. By choosing the right courier – one who’s properly insured and bonded – you can safeguard your reputation and ensure your brand always looks responsible, careful and worthy of clients’ business.
  • Makes them a more reliable company – Insurance and bonding simply make a corporate courier more trustworthy. It shows they care about their clients and their deliveries, and that they’re prepared to take the extra steps (and pay the extra cash) to make sure those packages and relationships are protected.

If you want to ensure your corporate deliveries are in safe hands, it’s absolutely crucial to consider a courier’s insurance and bonding before hiring them. Insurance and bonding not only protects you and your deliveries, but it also protects your customers and your brand’s reputation.

At Dependable Express, all our corporate courier drivers are completely insured and bonded for your protection. To learn more about our services or our insurance, contact the Dependable team today.