Why Shredding is a Green Alternative

By February 13, 2013Document Shredding

Shredding CouponWhen you have sensitive documents that are no longer needed, you want to make sure they are fully shredded and unreadable. This protects you from the liability that arises when papers are not properly disposed. When you have a great deal of papers to eliminate, you also want to ensure that they are disposed of in an ecologically-friendly manner. Trust Dependable Express to protect your company and the environment with effective, eco-friendly shredding services.

Commercial Cross-Cutting

We are a San Antonio shredding offering cross-cutting equipment. With commercial shredders, every paper is reduced to minute bits of confetti. The particles are mixed and then compressed into bales. This makes them impossible to reconstruct, so you can rest easy knowing the information contained on the papers will never be accessible again.

Certificate of Destruction

We are a AAA Certified Destruction Facility, which makes us one of the best choices available for sensitive document shredding. We will even provide you with a certificate of destruction that you can file for your records. If the information you had shredded is ever subpoenaed, you will have proof that it was appropriately shredded. This limits your own liability regarding sensitive data like customer information and contracts.

Recycling for the Environment

Go Green!Paper will eventually break down in a landfill, but it takes years and the information on the papers is exposed while the paper breaks down. With our services, the papers are sent to be recycled. Through the recycling process, the minute pieces of confetti are subjected to hydro pulping and are the recycled into other materials.

Recycling your sensitive documents is one of the smartest green business practices you can invest in. Your information is protected, and it’s eco-friendly because it saves trees, fuel, and energy. Advertise that you use eco-friendly business practices and you will impress your customers.

Dependable Express offers shredding services that are effective and certified. Great for your business and safe for the environment, it’s a smart business decision. Call us at 1-800-349-9161 to learn more about our green options for disposing of documents and protecting your business.