Work With Amazon? Our Cross-Docking Distribution Warehouse Makes It Easy

By February 18, 2015Warehousing

If you work with Amazon, then you know that they’re pretty specific about what shipments they can receive. To send them an order for fulfillment, you have to ensure that it’s packaged just so – the right height, the right width and the right weight – otherwise, it will get shipped right back to where it came from.

For most businesses, this is a tough hurdle to get over. They just don’t have the warehousing staff to handle receiving, repackaging and redistributing shipments before sending them out, but at the same time, they don’t want to forgo lucrative Amazon orders.

That’s where our cross-docking distribution warehouse comes into play. Our warehouse team is intimately familiar with Amazon shipping requirements. Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll receive your product shipments at our distribution warehouse. These could come directly from your vendors, or they may come from your own warehouse.
  • We repack those shipments to fit Amazon’s strict requirements. This may require simply repacking and rewrapping shipments on the dock, or our team may need to receive components from several shipments before repackaging them.
  • We send the newly packaged shipment off to Amazon, so your orders can be fulfilled on time and successfully. We can even offer help with freight and transportation options.

Our cross-docking distribution warehouse can be a powerful ally when working with Amazon. It can ensure your shipments never get delayed or turned away, and it can help you keep your customers and clients happy.

Need Help with Amazon Shipments?

If you want to ensure your Amazon relationship remains intact, consider using our cross-docking distribution warehouse to help. We’ll ensure your shipments are always on par and on time no matter what. Contact Dependable Express today to learn more or to get started.

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