Your Legal Courier is also a Mobile Notary

When you seek out a legal courier for your business needs, you can’t rely on just anyone.  After all, legal documents require more timeliness and care than a pizza or an order from Amazon.  The legal courier you hire must inspire trust by being punctual and professional in their appearance.  They need to have a solid understanding of legal basics, as well as a full comprehension of the rules and regulations regarding the handling of confidential or sensitive legal documents.  Ideally, the courier you hire to handle your legal documents should also be a certified mobile notary.  Why?

Notaries are a vital part of dealing with legal documents.  They ensure that identities have been confirmed, and that any contracts or official papers being signed or filed are handled in an appropriate and non-coercive way.  Notaries dissuade fraud by providing an impartial witness to legal proceedings through signatures on contracts or court filings.  Notaries are agents of the state in question, and must pass rigorous background checks.  Having a mobile notary on your team of legal couriers is a great way to ensure that documents are signed, notarized, and filed accurately and by the appropriate parties.  It’s also a great time-saver.  No more special trips to your local notary, and no more living by someone else’s schedule.

What else should you look for in a legal courier?  Day or night delivery options are a plus, since you never know when you’ll be working late or have a delivery need that can’t wait until morning.  Check out customer testimonials to see what clients really think of a delivery company’s services.  Whether you’re with a big firm or a small private practice, you can always benefit from the extra time you save by using a courier service.  It makes good business sense to hire a legal courier to deliver sensitive documents, contracts for immediate signing, or to ensure that court documents are filed on time.  Let an experienced legal courier make your life easier; call Dependable Express today at 1-800-349-9161.